Cronia:Riding the Storm is a fantasy RPG set in the mythical world of Cronus. Massive floating chunks of earth (called shards) soar above and within a massive gas giant with airships, colony ships, and smaller skiffs flying from place to place. Storms rage beneath the shards, with flashes of lightning and swirling masses of more powerful storms sometimes parting to show shards deep down below covered in wreckage or ruins.

Some of the shards are smaller, only a few hundred yards across or even just the size of a house. While others are tens of miles across with forests, lakes, swamps or even desserts dotting them. The largest shards are hundreds of miles across, though only a few dozen of these exist. Most shards are riddled with caves, underground springs with water elemental pockets, and trapped wind elemental pockets that keep the shards floating high above the Cronian storms.

Many shards maintain stable slow orbits over the clouds at varying levels (often referred to as tiers), while others tumble wildly above the storms eventually smashing into another shard or tumbling into the storms. Some appear from within the storms, having been scoured by the winds and lightning of the storms after having dipped beneath them some time ago.

Ruins dot the rocky shards of Cronus. Something lived here before its current inhabitants, and the artifact and ruins they left behind are the source of many wonders and treasures. Many of these ruins are eventually lost to the storms, but at times the storms part, or a new ruin is discovered or emerges on a newly revealed rock, and treasure hunters arrive to try and find the best goods.

In Cronia, the players take on the role of a band of ship owners and potential empire builders. They have come together to build a new place kingdom in the highest tiers. Now they own an airship and the freedom to try and run it, fly the skies, and determine their own fates. Many races are available to choose from, including everything from the tall alien looking Araellians to the rocky Granites.

The airships are fantastic flying machines, sleek vessels held aloft and propelled by a combination of magic and machinery. Not only will players themselves improve over time, but they can hire new crew, make improvements to their ship, expand to a fleet, or expand their kingdom. So pack your flintlock with powder, tuck your wand into your belt, sharpen your saber, and set sail Riding the Storms.


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