Typical Kreen

Smaller, and insectoid, the Kreen can fly, and those are valued as scouts, and messengers. Typical Kreen are three feet tall. They usually have very colorful wings and spines that they use to attract mates.

Kreen tribes are often found in burrows within the tunnels in the rocks of Cronia. While they are not a hive mind, the Kreen are very socialist in nature. Everything is for the group. Tribes always think of things at the tribal level. Within mixed racial cities, the Kreen usually collect in a specific neighborhood, usually beneath the ground. In those cases their socialist nature extends to the entire neighborhood. In areas where there are not a lot of Kreen they still collect at the family level.

Kreen equipment is usually made of lighter materials. Bone or wood weapons are preferred over heavier stone or metal weapons. They rarely wear armor or much in the way of clothing to keep themselves unencumbered.


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