Cronus is made up of bands of storms, with massive jet streams above them which push the various shards in orbits around the planet. These streams are all named, and they travel in alternating directions as the storms swirl across the gas giant below.

Atop the poles are massive hurricane like storm columns that push higher than the Cronian ships usually care to go, so the poles are generally unexplored by any but the most brave.

The bands are all named after the moons of Cronus. In order from North to South, the bands are the Mimas Belt, the Enceladus Trench, the Tethys Lull, the Dione Rip, the Rhea Strip, Titan’s Fury, and the Iapetus Band. Of these the Mimas Belt, Tethys Lull, Rhea Strip and Iapetus Band are capable of sustaining shard orbits. The Enceladus Trench, Tethys Rip, and Titan’s Fury are either too fast (in the case of the Fury and Rip, or the storms beneath are too dangerous (in the case of the Trench) for shards to be sustainable there.

The bands rotate in the following orbits: Mimas, Tethys, Rhea, and Iapetus spin slowly eastward at varying speeds, while Enceladus, Dione, Titan and the poles spin much faster eastward.

Mimas Belt

Geron (Earth School) – This city is built inside a massive earthen shard of a mountain. The caverns are huge, and buildings built into every wall, ceiling and floor.

Ulgona – This city is nothing but a series of tunnels and warrens that are a maze. Mostly filled by Granites, Kreen, and Pooka.

Mustifan – This is a pirate filled den of red lantern districts, black markets and slave pens. It is built into the side of a mountain shard with lots of cannons facing outward.

Tethys Lull

Westgate – The outpost city to Eratria, most goods are unloaded here, then shipped to Eratria if necessary. Goods and Artifacts are cheaper here.

Eratria – Large city with three smaller shards floating above.

Atlantia (Water School) – This city is full of canals, lakes, and underwater buildings accessed by glass tunnels and shafts.

Coran – Often called the breadbasket of Cronia, this sprawling city is on a massive multi tiered shard with lots of irrigation and grasslands that have been converted to farms.

Azon (Air School) – This floating city is on a hundred different smaller shards connected by bridges and elevators that makes a massive web.

Rhea Strip

Norick – This high altitude shard is mostly ice, with a hardy settlement built all over it in a warren of buildings, powered by massive windmills.

Lurin (Nature School) – This tree top city is ontop of a massive forested shard with trees the size of redwoods. With bridges and ropes going between everything, it is like a massive ewok city.

Morgras – This fortress city is left over from the before the shattering of the empire. It is a single massive structure that holds nearly 50k people.

Keravin – This long series of connected shards is home to a massive trade guild known as the Keravani. They are the most ruthless and efficient trade league on all of Cronus.

Iapetus Band

Chaar’an (Fire School) – This city is inside and ontop of a volcano that is kept in check by regular ventings by the Vent Guild. It is the center of the Chaar Empire, which rules the Iapetus Band with an fiery fist.

Vizron – This open and airy city has lots of towers and spires and on a shard floating above a sprawling desert shard with many ruins.


Araellia – The floating city of the Araellians, it can actually be driven from belt to another, so does not have a predictable orbit like the shards.


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