To Eagle's Point

My masters, the rulers of the new kingdom of Summit are far too busy to record their own adventures, so it falls to me, their humble scribe to set down for posterity how the kingdom came to be. It started, as many of these sorts of tales do, with a help wanted poster. A master merchant named Antonius Rulgar of Westgate, was looking for adventurous types that he could hire to recover an item of some import for him. He had sent a ship on an exploration mission, and the data recorded in the ship log was of utmost importance to him, so he hired the first of my masters to retrieve the log.

They were three in those days. Dr. Von Click, a Kreen scientist might have been called the radical thinker of the group. He had studied for years the effects of the storms on the lower tier shards, and was convinced that they were under attack or being consumed by the storms. We had no idea at the time how right he was. With him was the monk He’catl, a Saurian who studied the wind with a focused mind, channeling it through his own body. Sureal rounded out the initial members of the team. Hot headed and sure, Sureal was a fire elementalist that also knew his way around a blade and wheelhouse. Like most Sidhe, family and honor mean a lot to Sureal. Eventually the kingdom of Summit would become his family, but in those days he was still obsessed with actual bloodlines and the like.

The terms of the deal were fairly modest if not a little generous, which some might have thought would tip off the wayward three to the dangers that they might face. Without hesitation though, they hired on and soon found themselves on the skiff Sky Shriek, captained by a Rakashan named Ner’ahn. The journey was uneventful, even if the Sky Shriek’s quarters were a little cramped.

Soon they found themselves at Eagle’s Point, an older ruin consisting mainly of a large tower on the center of the shard. The shard itself is only a few hundred feet across maybe three hundred deep. It was here that Master Rulgar’s galleon, the Raven had found its final resting place. Something had gone terribly wrong (which the masters would later reveal) and the ship had plowed into the side of the tower then come to rest at a steep incline along the side of the tower.

Captain Ner’ahn docked his vessel and bid my masters good luck, he was not getting paid to leave the vessel and go adventuring.

The intrepid trio explored the ruins around the tower, finding burned remains and several other bodies to one side of the ship. That is when the horror began. Three tentacles, as thick as a man’s leg burst from the wreckage of the ship and impaled themselves into a trio of corpses. They pulsed for a few moments, then they bodies jerked to life. The dead rose with a malevolent look in their eyes and angrily charged my masters.

It was a hard fight.

Sureal and He’catl both knew their way around a fight, but their weapons proved almost ineffective against the corpses. The good doctor on the other hand, had his elemental bolt throwing pistol at his side, but in the middle of the fight it jammed. In the end, the three corpses were dispatched (rekilled?) but both not without shaking some nerves.

The group continued with their mission after a short rest, to steel their nerves.



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