Ruin Ravens

Continuing their investigation, the group headed into the ship itself, scouring it for the captain’s log. It became clear after a quick search that the surviving crew had abandoned the ship after the crash, and had taken things such as the captain’s log with them.

Into the tower the trio went, and it was decided to search the upper levels of the tower first. They soon found a camp amid the ruins that was recent, the sailors had laid their heads here, before being attacked by something. The camp was in shambles, but amongst the wreckage was an overturned chest which they opened to reveal the captain’s log and personal effects.

Though their mission was technically at an end, they were curious (and had been promised that anything they found on the shard was theirs to keep) and so the trio continued upward. Perhaps they should have left well enough alone.

You see, the top of the tower was home to a nest of ruin ravens. They nasty creatures, some foot and a half long, with a two to three foot wing span are known for their viciousness and bad disposition, especially if their nests are disturbed. Such was the case.

The birds attacked with a viciousness, swarming with pecking beaks and raking claws. The battle took only moments, but by the time it was ended, both He’catl and Dr. VonClick were injured. They did the best they could to patch themselves up, but it quickly became apparent that it was in their best interests to hastily remove themselves from the danger of the ruins.

On the way back, the log was read, and it was determined that Antonius Rulgar is looking for something called a convergence node. The log doesn’t really say what the node is, the captain of the Raven didn’t know. Rulgar gave them a captured tentacled beast that would become agitated when it neared the convergence node. This was how they were to detect it. The last entry talked of getting near Eagle’s Point and that was when the beast started to stir.

Upon arriving back in Westgate, the companions nursed their wounded and decided to turn the book over to Antonius Rulgar. Upon reading it Rulgar decided that he would like to pay them for the shard (which he had promised them as part of the reward). They negotiated for a sloop and a high tier shard (in a far off corner of Cronus).



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